Skillable Lab API (3.0)

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Welcome to Skillable Connect: LAB Edition, our core platform for creating, customizing, and managing labs.

Skillable Production API & Integration Testing

Only lab profiles with a development status of Complete are consumable via API.

Development/Integration Testing API available with all the same API calls your production API can make, but has the following settings:

  • Max Active Lab Instances: 5
  • Max Saved Labs per User: 1
  • Max Active Lab Instances per user: 5
  • Max lab duration: 30 minutes
  • Allows launching of lab profiles with any Development Status (i.e. is not restricted to a Complete development status)
  • Has a dedicated API key
  • Does not generate billable events

Authenticate with API Key

Skillable APIs offer one form of authentication: an API Key. All methods require an API Key, which must be obtained from a Skillable team member working with your organization. Our systems use this key to validate your development account.

Pass your API Key as an HTTP request header with the header name "api_key".


All methods require an API key, which must be obtained from Skillable. This key is used by Skillable to validate your account. The key can be passed as an HTTP request header with the header name "api_key".

Security Scheme Type: API Key
Header parameter name: api_key